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"Cheryl is so wonderful.  She really understands exactly what I'm saying even if I'm missing the right words.  She gets right to the heart of it.  I appreciate her insights, great listening/understanding, compassion & encouragement.  What a Gem."  MN

"My name is Rachel. I am 27 and I am half way through my fifth year of teach 4th grade. I recently began a Beth Moore bible study entitled "Entrusted". This study takes a look at Paul and his mentorship of Timothy. One of the questions in the study asked us to think of a man or woman who had mentored us and has shown us a wise and gracious way of approaching someone who may be furiously against your godly views. The first person who came to my mind was Cheryl."  RK

"With Cheryl, it is one of those cliché statements that I can make; my life would not be the same if Cheryl had not been a part of my story. However, I cannot leave it at that. Though my life truly would not be same without her, it is my relationship with Jesus Christ that would not be the same without her. It would be lacking the grace and forgiveness that I never knew Jesus was waiting to give me."  Anonymous

"Cheryl is an amazing counselor and a wonderful woman of God! As a counselor myself I do refer clients that are seeking Christian counseling to Cheryl. Cheryl will help you to feel safe and help you to navigate your situation with the upmost of care and respect. I highly recommend her!" JS

"Cheryl is incredibly kind, thoughtful and an excellent listener. " Anonymous

"Cheryl was created for this type of work. She is genuine, caring, very knowledgeable in many areas that may be troubling you in just "living life"." Anonymous

"Cheryl is a special listener and has positive insights."  CB

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