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It is often difficult to take that first step in seeking help.  Life can be heart breaking and confusing and it is sometimes hard to reach out.  Shame, guilt, fear of judgment or rejection can keep us from seeking help.  God's word calls us to come along side one another in our hurt and confusion.  He offers hope and healing -- we only have to ask.  Christian counseling can provide direction and understanding of this hope God so freely gives.  Through compassion, humility and grace we can journey together towards healing and restoration allowing God to be glorified in the midst of our struggles.  


As an experienced Pastoral Counselor who offers Christ-centered Christian counseling, I would consider it an honor to come alongside you in your journey towards peace, hope and understanding. 

Please call (406) 396-2485 or email me at to set up an appointment.


Christian Counselor
Compassionate, Christ-Centered Counseling
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